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      Stairlifts Kettering

      Stairlift and Its Different Features

      Many people are confined to the ground floor of their home because they are unable to climb the stairs. There are different factors that can hinder you from going up. And mostly, this is a problem being experienced by people who are already aging. With this, you can consider a stairlift to help you go up the stairs without any pain or difficulty.

      Some think that the cost of installing a stairlift would be prohibitively expensive. However, the price of purchasing a stairlift in Southport may not be as much as you thought. Stairlift prices depend upon different factors including the length and type of staircase that you have in your home. Here are some of the types of staircase that you can choose from:


      Stairlifts Kettering

      Do Stairlifts Have Any Limitations?

      Stairlift for staircase without landings

      A straight staircase without any landings is the easiest to fit with a stairlift and hence the least expensive. This is the most common type of stairlift because most stairs at home are constructed with very simple design.

      Stairlift that can go around corners

      The design of the every staircase depends on the design of the stairs. There are some houses with a much complicated design but you do not have to worry about it. There are stairlifts available in Southport which can go around corners, or even pass in front of a doorway without obstructing it.

      Stairlift with folding seats

      Most stairlifts have a seat which folds up when not in use. That means that the stairs can still be used by other people without hindrance. The seats are well padded and quite spacious so you can carry a walking stick or a bag with you as you ride. Alternatively, you can have a wheelchair, a walker or a stick on each level, so it is ready for you to use when you arrive.

      Stairlift Repairs Kettering

      Do you have an issue with your current stairlift? We can help!

      You may already have a lift in your home and just need to find stairlift repairs Kettering and someone who can service your stairlift.

      We provide a quick service and will give you honest advice about how easy it is to repair your stairlift and the cost involved.

      Any issues or repairs – call us: 0800 0096 858

      Try our free, no-obligation price calculator to find
      the best stairlift prices for you.

      Contact us via the quick form below

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        Buttons and Levers

        The flexibility of the design and the features of a stairlift also covers the even its controls. The controls of most stairlifts are located on one of the armrests. You can choose which side you would prefer to have them on. This adjustment is solely for the convenience of the user. Usually, buttons are pushed to control the stairlift, but levers are also available if this would suit you better. You always have to freedom to choose from these two options.

        As a responsible buyer, you need to know the features, the use and advantages of a certain product. This is how you can make sure that you are getting your money’s worth. There are many variables to consider before purchasing a stairlift in Southport. With this, you can let one of our local agents visit your home to assess your requirements and to discuss with you the different options. This visit is completely free of charge and it will help you decide if installing a stairlift in Southport  is a good idea for you. You will not be under any obligation to purchase anything, so give us call and get informed today.


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