Oaktree Stairlifts Reviews

Oak Tree Mobility is a British Company that was founded in 2008. They are the only company that sells Oaktree Stairlifts and they go by the motto “Your comfort is our strength” – a motto which they live up to through high quality products, excellent customer service, great customer satisfaction ratings, and affordable pricing. But what makes Oaktree Stairlifts Reviews so good? Let’s take a look at what makes Oaktree stand out in a business where there is fierce competition.

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They are adaptable

Oaktree stairlifts can be fitted to over 99% of staircases. This means that they can offer both straight and curved models, which can each be adapted to fit even the narrowest of spaces. For those looking for a straight stairlift, Oaktree offers the Washington model. For curved stairs, they offer the Stockton stairlift that is designed for a tailor made fit to run on any width of staircase. It comes equip with an automatic swivel to prevent you from banging your arms and legs on walls or banisters when in tight fitting spaces.

They have excellent customer satisfaction ratings

Oaktree Stairlifts

When you take a look at the overall Oaktree Stairlifts reviews, Oaktree receives an excellent customer satisfaction rating. On one website (eKomi), their rating on the customer satisfaction scale is over 98.4% – it doesn’t get much better than that! Oaktree also receives a “trusted trader” rating of 4.8/5. This means that they are an endorsed installer and have been deemed as a trustworthy and reputable manufacturer of Stockton stairlift products.

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Their products adhere to strict safety standards

If someone is buying a stairlift, its usually at least partially related to the fact that they want to stay safe when going up the stairs. In return, you want to know that the product you are installing in your home is safe to use. Oaktree stairlifts adhere to strict safety standards and have been approved by UK Therapy services. Each individual stairlift must undergo strict quality control processes before they ever leave the factory. During this process, they must meet the highest European safety standards to pass the test.

In addition to passing stringent testing, Oaktree stairlifts also use advanced technology that improves their safety levels, as well as their ease of use. Controls, for example, are specifically designed for ease of use. They are manufactured to ensure that even those with arthritis or limited use of their hands can still use the controls. In addition, each stairlift has its own power pack so that it can continue to operate even if the power goes out.

Easy Installation and Support

Oaktree Stairlifts reviews stand firm that the company does an excellent job in providing support for their customers. Installations are done shortly after purchase and they have a 24 hour helpline should you need support anytime after they leave your home.


  • Powered and adjustable swivel seats.

  • Single rail designs for fitting of every staircase type.

  • Choice of controls: joystick, rocker switch, or ball control.

  • Two parking points at top and bottom of the stairs.

  • Your choice of upholstery and fabric.


Oaktree Stairlifts can vary greatly in cost based on a number of factors such as what type of staircase you need, how wide your staircase is, and how steep your staircase is (to name just a few). With that being said, they do offer free in-home consultations where they can work out the best price for your situation and needs. To ensure that you are happy with your product, Oaktree offers a 14 day satisfaction guarantee combined with a 3 year warranty and a 24 hour customer service helpline.

In conclusion, you can’t beat a 4.8/5 customer satisfaction rating. Oaktree stairlifts reviews seem to be some of the best in the business and you just can’t argue with their excellent ratings.

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