Age UK Stairlifts Reviews

When you are looking for a stairlift for your home, no two products are made equally. Stairlifts come in a range of different price groups, as well as a range of different qualities. But when it comes to choosing your stairlift, you want to pick carefully. After all, these will help aid in your mobility and safety so that you can stay in your home longer. One popular way of getting a stairlift is through the trusted name of, Age UK. Let’s take a quick look at the stairlifts they offer.

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Age UK Stairlifts Reviews

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Prices from £495 to £4950 – all types to fit all budgets.

Age UK Stairlifts Reviews and the advantages of buying from them:

  • Age UK is partnered with Handicare so that a portion of each chairlift sale is donated to the Age UK Charity.

  • Age UK offers a price match guarantee to every customer.

  • Age UK supplies both brand new and reconditioned stairlifts to match a budget for every customer.

  • Age UK can adapt their stairlifts for all stair types, including even the most narrow of stairs.

  • A portion of the proceeds of the sale price of the stairlift will be donated to a nationally respected charity, that does excellent work in the community.

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Age UK Stairlifts Reviews

Types of Age UK Stairlifts:

  • Straight Stairlifts.

  • Models include the Simplicity, the Simplicity Plus, and the Age UK 1000 series.

  • Simplicity is the most basic option for stairlifts, as well as the most affordable. It can be installed on any straight staircase, regardless of how narrow.

  • The 1000 series is similar to that of the Simplicity, but offers a variety of additional features.

Curved Age UK Stairlifts

  • Designed for stairs that curve or have corners to turn.

  • Curved stairlifts are more expensive than straight stairlifts because they require custom fits.

  • Age UK offers the Freecurve model as a stairlift for tight bends or narrow staircases.

Positive features of Age UK Stairlifts Reviews:

  • Stairlifts come in a range of colours, so you have your choice.

  • Stairlifts offer a manual swivel seat, as well as a perch seat option for those who have bad knees or hips.

  • The Stairlifts are battery operated and come with two remote controls so that you can keep one upstairs and one downstairs.

  • The stairlifts come equip with safety sensors to ensure that nothing is in the way while you are moving.

  • All stairlifts meet British and European safety standards.

  • Age UK has a 24 hour customer support line if you are ever in need of help once your stairlift is installed.

Outdoor Stairlifts

  • Comes in the form of the Age UK 1000 outdoor.

  • Similar to the Age UK 1000 indoor series, but designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions.

Age UK is a reliable, reputable, and well known name that receives 4.6/5 customer experience rating. We offer a range of products in both function and price point, and with each a price match promise, 24 hour helpline, and 14 day money back guarantee. Customers really have nothing to risk when buying Age UK stairlifts for themselves or their loved ones.

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