Acorn Stairlifts Reviews

Acorn Stairlifts reviews will help you to make the right decision regarding installing a stairlift in your home. You will find information about new and reconditioned stairlifts. Also about the different types of stairlifts available, including sitting, standing, and perching stairlifts.

There are many reasons why you may want to install a stairlift. Perhaps due to your age you feel unsafe on the stairs, or going up and down causes you pain. Many elderly people find themselves confined to one level of their home or unable to get out into the garden or down the front steps onto the street. Stairlifts can also help younger people with some kind of mobility restriction either on a short or long-term basis to lead fuller more independent lives.

There are many different types of stairlifts available for indoor and outdoor use. They can be custom built to suit your home. Choosing the right one can be difficult so keep reading Acorn Stairlift reviews to discover which stairlift might be best for you.

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A few facts about Acorn Stairlifts Reviews:

  • They are a family owned company.

  • Acorn was the first company to introduce DC batteries which allow a stairlift to continue working even if the electricity is off.

  • They make and manufacture over 50, 000 stairlifts per year.

  • They sell their products around the world in the US, Australia, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, and South Africa.

  • The average price point for a new model stairlift averages at £2,307, whereas the average second hand model sells for £1,214. Of all the big name brands, Acorn is one of the cheapest.

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Acorn Stairlifts

Acorn stairlifts reviews-

Battery and Use:-  Acorn Stairlifts have a gentle start and stop mechanism. This makes for a smooth glide up and down the stairs. They move slowly and smoothly and you will feel safe and comfortable riding on one. They have a backup battery so that even if the electic power goes out you will still be able to travel safely to your destination. Acorn stairlifts have an easy to use up and down button on the arm, as well as two remote controls for powering the lift.

Design and seat:- Acorn stairlifts have a slim, practical design. They have  foldable arms, seats, and foot rest. This allows others to pass up and down the stairs normally when the stairlift is not in use. The backrest and the seat are padded for comfort and support and the stairlifts come in a choice of colours and upholsteries to combine with your decor.

Safety:- Acorn Stairlifts comply with European and international safety standards. They come with a seatbelt, and a harness is available for those who need extra support. The stairlift will not move until the belt is securely fastened. Additionally, most models have a  swivel chair which makes getting on and off safer and easier. Also these stairlifts have five safety sensors to detect anything that may be blocking its path on the staircase.

Based on previous Acorn Stairlift reviews and surveys, the Acorn stairlift can be rated a 4/5 for reliability, usability, suitability, and overall customer satisfaction. It is a well made product that is available at a lower price point than other brand name lifts.

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