Through Floor Lifts For Homes

Technology has enabled people to enjoy the convenience of through floor lifts and they are more easily installed and cost less than you may think. Home lifts offer easily adaptable solutions to provide hassle-free installation into any lifestyle. There are several options of lifts for home use, from a slim line single person lift to those that are suitable for wheelchairs and upto three passengers.

Through Floor Animation.

A through floor lift has a unique self-supporting structure with dual rails which does not need load bearing walls. The drive mechanism is self contained, and so there is no need to have external power packs. These lifts can be plugged into normal power sockets, just like any appliances which are used in homes. There are a wide range of models, and everyone can pick the model that conforms to their needs and area size available – a versatility that explains why through floor lifts are gaining an increasing popularity. Furthermore, people do not need to worry about the noise these lifts make, because they are much quieter than ordinary lifts.

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The standard features of through floor lifts for the home include high safety, a half-height door of the swing type, which is interlocked and matches the lift finish. Remote controls enable easy operation. There are warranties provided on the parts and on the labour, two years and one year, respectively.

Home lifts are also available with optional extras that extend the benefits of using them. You can also order a cordless telephone, a grab rail, a perch seat, a power supply which is uninterrupted, plus other extras that meet different demands and preferences. There is also the option of customising the design of through floor lifts to make them fully corresponding to their home areas where these lifts are installed.

Through Floor Lifts For Homes

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