Companion Stairlifts Reviews

Companion Stairlifts, which is owned by Handicare, is well known for selling and installing stairlift units nationwide. They are dedicated to providing the best customer assistance through their 24 hours hotline and emergency fitting across the UK. This company is an expert in finding solutions for all your stairlift requirements including tricky surroundings. Their stairlifts can fit and be tailored to all types of stair configurations including narrow, spiral, and even outdoor steps. Other than suitability, Companion offers stylish and sophisticated stairlift designs. This may range from a huge array of colors that will suit your personality. Re-upholstery services of the seat fabric are also being offered if you prefer another color in the future. In order to find the appropriate stairlift suited for your needs as well as the cost of the unit, you can arrange a free no obligation quotation from Companion. They will send their technical surveyors to you home for assessment and evaluation on which stairlift model will best fit the configuration of your stairs.

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Companion Stairlifts Reviews

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Prices from £495 to £4950 – all types to fit all budgets.

Companion Stairlift Prices Reviewed:

For a brand new stairlift, the average price that customers paid was £2,545. On the other hand, used stairlift will have an average price of £1,406. This is based on all types of stairlifts and with considerations that curved stairlifts are much more expensive than the straight ones.

For a better understanding of the different Companion stairlift models, let’s take a look at their features.

Companion Straight Stairlift:

  • With adjustable swivel seat and lumbar support.
  • With ten safety sensors to ensure safety and smooth stop if obstacles are present on the staircase.
  • With easy to use and to operate paddle switch using minimal pressure.
  • With controls that fit both the left and the right armrest.
  • Comes in six different seat colors to choose from.
  • Possible extension of track from top to bottom for better application and functionality.
  • With power hinged track option that allows easy folding of the unit when not in use. This helps clear the doorway either at the top or at the bottom of the stairs.

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Companion Stairlifts Reviews

Companion Stairlift Reviews

  • Carefully and ergonomically designed to exactly fit in the curves of the stairs, including the tight ones.
  • With easy grip control which can fit both the left and right armrest for better support to the user.
  • With swivel seat powered by a swivel button to allow a safer ride.
  • With adjustable seats that can be adjusted for more comfort and back support.
  • Available in six upholstery colors.
  • Re-upholstery service available for a more personalized look.
  • With remote control for easy operation especially during parking.
  • With optional power hinged track that allows folding away of the unit when there are hazards and blockage in the door entrance.
  • With an option to extend the track when there is available space to allow safer landing or dismounting.

Next Day Installation

Companion offers next day installation services in some parts of the UK. This means that they can provide you with the quotation in the morning and installation can immediately occur for it to be functional on the very same day (subject to survey).

Price Match Promise
Companion offers Price Match Promise. This will allow you to receive several quotations for the same stairlift model from different companies or sellers. They will guarantee you that they will consider the best offer or the lowest price among these quotes.

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