Kangsters Wheely X wheelchair treadmill trainer

Wheely-X wheelchair treadmill trainer was developed with sustainability and improving the overall health of wheelchair users in mind. Users can roll and enjoy cardio content on Wheely-X wheelchair treadmill trainer using a manual wheelchair. We believe that all must share the privilege of challenging your heart and letting it burn.

Fitness is crucial, especially for people who sit every day. We understand what is wanted or needed during standard wheelchair fitness.

Wheely-X  wheelchair treadmill trainer is a product independently developed and patented by Const.

Kangsters Wheely X wheelchair

Before the manufacturing process, a research and development team consisting of real wheelchair users is formed with our professional in-house technicians. From our brakes to our rollers and bearings, every small component is carefully designed to keep users safe and maximize performance.

Wheely – X | Home fitness solution for wheelchair users. Wheely – X is a Smart wheelchair treadmill comes with a treadmill

Kangsters Wheely X wheelchair treadmill trainer

Why is it such a good wheelchair treadmill?

The highest priority in the engineering process begins with the interests and safety of our beloved customers.Our installed length, width and height specifications for inclination and camber are designed to fit all types of manual wheelchairs. It also covers most types of SCI (spinal cord injury) from high to low.

Wheely-X wheelchair treadmill proudly presents the exclusive app that comes with our treadmills. Sensors connected to our app via bluetooth record your distance, pace, calories, speed and more to analyze your daily progress. You can use custom settings to access different types of training modes. Based on your physical abilities, our app will guide you through the right pace.

Wheely-X Software

Regularly updated VOD video content is one of the most popular features in our app. Including Wheelates & Yoga, Wheel Aerobics, Wheelchair Spinning and more, our professional fitness trainers will amaze you. Experience interactive fitness and enjoy training together now.

You can download Wheely-X treadmill trainer for IOS and Android on your tablet or smartphone. If you’re using a tablet, we recommend the iPad specs

Through reports and research on the effectiveness of Wheely-X training, participants showed, on average, significant improvements in the following categories after 6 weeks of guided training.

tracks records of your distance


With our reports and studies on the effect of Wheely-X training, the participants showed significant improvements after 6 weeks of guided training with following categories on average.

ROM (Range of Motion) – 58%
Weight loss – 4.3kg
Musclar Strength – 38%
Musclar endurance – 20%
Cardiopulmonary Endurance – 52%

Kangsters Wheely X wheelchair treadmill