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If you are looking for through floor lifts in Reading then with our partnership with Stiltz Home Lifts you can receive a home demo to find out more about their fantastic home lift solutions. Specifically designed for domestic home use these through floor lifts make life easier for anyone in Reading and across the UK.

A Stiltz home lift can be installed anywhere which is not the case with other types and models, at a realistic affordable cost. It really does provide the solution to domestic home lifts.

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To travel between floors in your home you may need a through floor domestic lift from Floor Lifts Reading – installation can be very quick and easy with minimum disruption to your home.

Through floor lifts Reading.

Through Floor Lifts from Stiltz are stylish and modern and manufactured and fitted to the latest British safety standards.

Some noteable Floor lifts in the Stiltz range include:

Duo Through Floor Lifts – With a self supporting structure, a quiet motor and compact design, a Duo Floorlift is the perfect alternative to a stairlift.

Prices start from £8,990 + VAT.

Vista Through Floor Lift – This is a totally transparent polycarbonate lift car with a modern and sleek design. Fitting will cause minimal disruption to your home.

Prices start from £12,990 + VAT.

Trio Through Floor Lifts – The extra space in a Trio FloorLift is large enough to accommodate a standard sized wheelchair and can comfortably carry three passengers.

Prices start from £9,990 + VAT.

Stiltz Home Lifts

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