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      Stairlifts Wareham

      Stairlifts Wareham can give you the ability to move safely around your entire home again. People with some kind of mobility limitation often find getting up and down the stairs to be a difficult, dangerous, or painful proposition. This means, that many people find themselves confined to one level of their home. They are not only unable to access the upper floors, but also, in some cases to enter the garden. Some people need to install a stairlift to descend the steps from the front door down to the pavement so that they are able to get out and about unaided.

      A stairlift can restore access to all parts of the home and to the outdoors. At Stairlifts Wareham we offer specially weather-conditioned stairlifts which are designed for outdoor use. These are protected from the elements so that they can function at all times and in all weathers. Being able to get out into the garden again can be a huge boost for people. It allows them to get more exercise doing gardening work and to enjoy the results of their labours. Likewise, being able to descend the front steps onto the street opens up possibilities to get out and about more and to have contact with passers-by and neighbours.

      Why choose Stairlifts Wareham?

      At Stairlisfts Wareham, we offer the best prices and the best service. We work with all the major stairlift companies so we will be able to find the perfect stairlift to meet your needs. Prices and options can vary considerably, so we will be able to compare the offers available and select the best one for you. A representative will come to the house to measure and assess the staircase. Additionally, he will assess your  needs and capabilities. This allows him to advise you which stairlift is right for you. At Stairlifts Wareham we have stairlifts that traverse a straight staircase, negotiate curves and landings, and even ones that pass in front of a doorway using a special section of retractable track.

      Our representative will visit your home free of charge. After assessing your needs, he will give you a written estimate of the cost of installing the stairlift best suited to your needs. You are under no obligation to purchase, but you can be sure that we have found you the best deal available.

      Call today to discover how a stairlift could change your life.

      Best deals + lowest prices + great service!
      Tel: 01983 700171 (open 8am to 10pm)

      Stairlifts Isle of Wight

      How do I use the stairlift?

      To use a stairlift unaided you must be capable of getting on and off the seat, fastening the safety belt, and operating the controls. Lever controls are available for people who might have difficulty manipulating the small push buttons. If more than one person will be using the stairlift, you will need to have a control box is installed to the wall at both ends of the trajectory. This allows you to return the lift to where required. If an assistant will operate the stairlift you may choose to opt for a remote control box.

      All of our stairlifts are fitted with a safety belt. For persons requiring greater support during the ride, a harness can be fitted. For those who have trouble sitting, Stairlifts Wareham offer a type of stairlift where the user remains standing and just leans against or perches on a small pad. During his visit, our representative will evaluate which of these options would be most suitable for you.

      When not in use, the seat and footrest fold up so that the stairs can still be used normally by others. The stairlift wil not start to move until you are seated and buckled up. Stairlifts move slowly and smoothly so you should not feel any fear. Some stairlifts even have a sensor which detects any obstruction on the track. This gives extra security and safety. Additionally, all of our stairlifts have a back-up battery. That means that even if the electricity goes off during your ride, you will be able to continue safely to your destination.

      How long after the assesment will Stairlifts Wareham install my stairlift?

      Our represenatative will either leave a written estimate of the total cost immediately or within a few days. You are under no obligation to buy from us. However, as we work with all the major stairlift companies we can find you the best price on your ideal stairlift. Additionally, we offer fast and professional installation as well as providing  maintenance and repairs. What’s more, all of our stairlifts come with a full guarantee and we offer flexible payment terms.

      A simple straight stairlift that is in stock can be fitted usually within a couple of days. The actual installation lasts just a few hours and creates very little mess. As the stairlift attaches to the stairs themselves we will no need to damage or drill your walls at all. If you need to have a custom-built stairlift made to suit the form of your stairs, this will obviously take longer. Each piece has to be be precisely measured and assembled so that the stairlift fits and functions correctly. Even so, you should not have to wait more than a couple of weeks before you are enjoying your new stairlift. Our fitters will make sure that your stairlift is correctly fitted and up and running before leaving, and they will leave your home looking clean and tidy.

      What types of stairlifts are there?

      At Stairlifts Wareham we offer standing, sitting, and perching starilifts. Sitting ones are the most common. However standing and perching ones are ideal if you have difficulty sitting down or standing up again. They are also perfect if you have a very narrow stairway as they require less operating width. We have straight lifts, ones that go around corners or across landings, and even ones that can pass in front of a doorway. We have stairlifts for use indoors and climate-protected ones for outdoor use. Our stairlifts come in different colours and with a choice of upholstery fabrics and trim colours, and some even have a choice of rail colours. That means that you can choose a stairlift that combines perfectly with the decor of your home.

      Features of our stairlifts

      • Home and commercial options
      • Indoor and outdoor models
      • Sitting, standing, and perched versions available
      • Easy to manage controls
      • Choice of colours ad upholsteries
      • Safety belt for added security
      • Straight, curved, or landing stairlifts available
      • Suitable even for steep or narrow stairs
      • Fast, mess-free installation
      • Competitive prices
      • Excellent service

      Stairlift Repairs Isle Of Wight

      Do you have an issue with your current stairlift? We can help!

      You may already have a lift in your home and just need to find stairlift repairs Isle Of Wight and someone who can service your stairlift.

      We provide a quick service and will give you honest advice about how easy it is to repair your stairlift and the cost involved.

      Any issues or repairs – call us: 01983 700171

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      Try our free, no-obligation price calculator to find
      the best stairlift prices for you.

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