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Stairlifts Isle Of Wight

For people with some kind of mobility limitation, getting up and down the stairs can be a difficult and risky proposition. To avoid an accident or the pain involved is negotiating steps many folks find themselves confined to one level of their home. These means that not only are they unable to access the upper floors, but also in some cases to enter the garden or to even descend from the front door to the pavement.

A stairlift can restore access to all parts of the home and to the outdoors. There are specially weather-conditioned stairlifts available which are designed for outdoor use and protected from the elements so that they can function at all times and in all weathers. Being able to get out into the garden again can be a huge boost for people who have become restricted to only viewing their labours through a window. Likewise, being able to descend the front steps onto the street opens up possibilities to get out and about more and to have contact with passers-by.

Companies who offer indoor and outdoor stairlifts Isle of Wight can be found in the local phone book or can be recommended through the local clinic or mobility centre – but for the best prices we can beat all these via this website. Prices and options can vary considerably so contact various firms to compare the offers available. A representative will come to the house to measure and assess the staircase and to determine the needs and capabilities of the client. Stairlifts Isle of Wight can not only traverse a straight staircase, they can negotiate curves and landings and they can even pass in front of a doorway using a special section of retractable track.

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Stairlifts Isle of Wight

Do Stairlifts Have Any Limitations?

To use a stairlift unaided the person must be capable of getting on and off the seat, fastening the safety belt, and operating the controls. Lever controls are available for people who might have difficulty manipulating the small push buttons. If more than one person will be using the stairlift it is important to make sure that a control box is installed to the wall at both ends of the trajectory so that the lift can be returned to where required. If the stairlift is to be operated by an assistant a remote control box is a possibility.

For persons requiring greater support during the ride a harness can be fitted and for those who have trouble sitting there is a type of stair lift Isle of Wight available where the user remains standing and just leans against a small pad. During his visit, the representative should evaluate which of these options would be most suitable for the prospective user and will either leave a written estimate of the total cost immediately or within a few days.

Before deciding which firm to use make sure to ascertain the length of time before installation can start, how long the guarantee is, if there is an emergency number to call if there is a problem, and what the payment schedule would be. Never feel pressurised to make a rapid decision, and never make full and final payment until the stairlift is installed and operating to your complete satisfaction.

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We provide a quick service and will give you honest advice about how easy it is to repair your stairlift and the cost involved.

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