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Off-Road Wheelchair Wheels

Being a wheelchair user should not mean the end of outdoor adventure. With off-road wheelchair wheels you can go out and enjoy the beauty of nature without wondering if your wheelchair can handle the terrain. These specially designed wheels will carry you over rugged tracks without getting punctures or limiting your pushing ability. Below are the features in off-road wheelchair wheels that make them capable of withstanding extreme terrain:

Stainless steel spokes: The 35 sturdy stainless steel spokes can better withstand the pressure of uneven terrain than standard wheel spokes. Schwalbe Land Cruiser wheels are further fortified by big outer lugs, offering firmer grip on bumpy roads. These wheels are designed with a gentle rib in the centre that makes pushing easy while on difficult surfaces.

Off-Road Wheelchair Wheels
Off-Road Wheels

Standard size: Even though they are toughened for the kind of work they do, off-road wheelchair wheels can easily be fitted onto your wheelchair. Being the usual 24 inches in diameter and having the standard axle hole diameter, you can pop them in and out whenever the terrain demands it.

Puncture protection: The last thing you want while out enjoying the wild outdoors is to be stranded with a punctured wheel. With K-Guard puncture protection, this should be less of a concern. The natural wheel rubber is reinforced with tough Kevlar fibresto guarantee you a worry-free off-road experience.

Black anodised aluminium hand rims: These serve to give you better speeds as you zip around on uneven terrain. They also make the wheelchair look good.

You no longer have to endure hard, uncomfortable rides when you divert from your normal smooth track. Off-road wheelchair wheels are available to ensure you don’t have to expend too much effort to get around. They are solid enough to help you get over all kinds of surfaces while keeping you safe.

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