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Invictus Active Wheelchair Scales

Being able to weigh yourself is an important part of any fitness regime. Invictus Active scales allow wheelchair users to measure their progress as they exercise easily and accurately. If you are overweight or obese, you are prone to life-threatening ailments such as diabetes and heart disease.

Exercise will help you keep your weight down while the scales will help you keep track of meeting milestones. This will give you added impetus for training. However, using conventional weighing scales is not easy if you are confined to a wheelchair.

Getting on the scales usually requires you to get out of the chair, which will necessitate the help of another person. This process may expose the wheelchair user to a degree of physical risk. Even when they do manage to get on the scale, it is difficult to read the display.

Invictus Active Scales addresses these difficulties in the following ways:

Invictus Active Wheelchair Scales

Ease of use: When placed on the floor you can easily push yourself onto the scale on the gentle ramp built into both sides of the scale. The weight of the wheelchair is fed into the scale and factored into subsequent readings. This means the displayed weight will be accurate as it will be less the weight of the chair.

Detached LCD display: The scales come with a display box which you can attach to a wall using brackets. The digits on the display are large and easy to read and the long cable allows you to place it at convenient distance and height for you to read. Readings from different sessions are stored in the device’s memory to allow you to accurately measure your progress.

Readily portable: The Invictus Active scales are light and can be folded to save storage space. Wheels on the bottom allow you to move it from place to place easily.

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