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Disabled Exercise Equipment

Wheelchair users who want to keep their weight in check and enjoy good cardiovascular health don’t have many options in terms of training equipment. This can be particularly frustrating for people who led an active lifestyle before they became wheelchair users. With the Invictus Trainer, you can now get in a solid workout whenever you want, wherever you want without leaving your wheelchair. You don’t have to worry about the weather outside; you can exercise even harder indoors with this trainer.

You push the rear wheels of your chair, just like you normally would, but now, with the chair stationary, you can do it in a more focused way. With no obstacles ahead or distractions on the side, you can concentrate on pushing hard. In the process you will notice your pushing technique improving constantly.

Disabled Exercise Equipment

Multiple levels of resistance ensure that you can build up steady progress in terms of building muscle and burning calories. A good half-hour workout will see you burn 100 more calories than you would pushing your wheelchair around normally for the same duration. With no break to freewheel, like you would on a normal outdoor ride, you get a more intense session.

Not only do you burn body fat and build muscle mass, you improve your cardiovascular health greatly. You will look more toned and feel fitter than ever. In most people this translates into a greater body image and a more confident outlook.

Using the Invictus Trainer is a safe option for wheelchair users as it allows you to effectively exercise your upper body without leaving the wheelchair.

This piece of equipment meets the needs of fitness-conscious wheelchair users effectively as it is designed by wheelchair users for wheelchair users. You can get that ideal body shape and tone just like other people do safely and conveniently.

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