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      Stairlifts Loughborough

      If you require prices or just a brochure then contact us today! – A local surveyor will be happy to answer any questions and provide prices for all types of stairlifts.

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      People in Loughborough who have difficulty going up and down the stairs in their houses on account of reduced mobility can take advantage of modern services which start with a consultation with stairlifts Loughborough, who help people to gather enough information on the basis of which they can make their informed choices, in their best interests and for their best convenience.

      People often need initial information on what stairlifts Loughborough are, they learn why they may need to use stairlifts to be able to use their houses to their full potential and have access to all the floors with ease, and they can also obtain information on the installation of these facilities and on the period that will be needed to install such stairlifts in their homes.

      People are interested in the budget side of purchasing stairlifts, so they also need information on the prices of stairlifts offered. In cases of limited budgets, people are interested in the opportunities for renting stairlifts and how much rental rates are. With Stairlifts Loughborough, you can be assured that we will work out the best possible options for your personal circumstances.

      Stairlifts Loughborough

      Do Stairlifts Have Any Limitations?

      According to some historians, evidence exists that the first stairlift ever invented was attributed to King Henry VIII. King Henry, who was a good 30 stone, was injured whilst jousting and subsequently used a chair that was hauled up and down the stairs by servants using a block and tackle system in the ancient Whitehall Palace, London. Inventions have now moved on from that first ‘stairlift’ and the modern stairlift is a mechanical device also used for lifting people up and down stairs, but now your servants don’t have to do the hauling!

      Stairlifts are known sometimes also as stair-lifts, stair gliders and chairlifts and by various other names. This type of chairlift should not be confused with the chairlift used by alpine skiers. It is not recommended that you attempt to ski down the stairs in your home! The term stair climber can also refer to stair lifts but more commonly is used to describe a certain type of exercise equipment.

      Assuming the staircase is wide enough, a rail is mounted on the treads of the stairs and a chair or lifting platform is attached to that rail. The person on the chair or platform is lifted upwards or downwards as the chair moves along the rail.

      Men, women and children of all ages can use stairlifts and, if necessary, child car seats can also usually be fixed to a standard stairlift seat by use of the seat belt that is provided with the stairlift system.

      Stairlifts usually have cut-out switches connected in order to satisfy current safety codes as safety is always paramount together with comfort. “Safety edges” are a usual feature to the power pack ensuring that if, for any reason, there is an obstruction of any sort on the stairs the stairlift will stop automatically.

      It is not recommended that people try to install a stairlift themselves, as this would have a detrimental effect on the terms of the warranty, maintenance and service of the stairlift. It is better to engage a professional as they have the experience needed in respect of safety and all matters concerned with the proper installation of a stairlift.

      Most stairlifts normally have what is called a “soft” start so that the lift starts to move gently and the passenger is not jerked unnecessarily. Typically travel speed for straight stairlifts in the domestic environment range from between 0.07 metres per second and 0.15 metres per second or 0.34 miles per hour. Rest assured therefore that you would not be hurtling up and down stairs at a great speed!

      Stairlift Repairs Loughborough

      Do you have an issue with your current stairlift? We can help!

      You may already have a lift in your home and just need to find stairlift repairs Loughborough and someone who can service your stairlift.

      We provide a quick service and will give you honest advice about how easy it is to repair your stairlift and the cost involved.

      Any issues or repairs – call us: 0207 1750 441

      Try our free, no-obligation price calculator to find
      the best stairlift prices for you.

      Contact us via the quick form below

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        Curved rail stairlifts may vary in speed as any bends may cause them to slow down slightly. For more information, advice or a quotation contact us at Stairlifts Loughborough.

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