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Stairlifts Wrexham

Choosing a chairlift can be a confusing process and knowing what questions to ask and what factors need to be taken into consideration are extremely important.

Having the pleasure and confidence to go up and down stairs whenever you like may seem like a small thing but it plays a big part in keeping your independence.

Lots of factors determine which type of stairlift from Stairlift Repairs Wrexham would be best suited to your needs.

• Progressive Conditions:

Anyone who suffers from a condition that will deteriorate with time should consider what the best solution in the long term will be.

It is important that the chairlift from Through Floor Lifts Wrexham covers the whole of the staircase. Some people may try to save on cost by having a straight chairlift installed onto a curved staircase and try to manage the first and last few steps. However, if their condition deteriorates in the future, they will not be able to manage this.

• Bending Knees and Bad Back:

Will the user be able to sufficiently bend their body and knees in order to sit down to travel?

• Stair lift Operation:

Who will be operating the stairlift? Will it be the user, a member of the family or a carer?
Remote controls are available to operate the lift and these can be fitted at the initial installation.

• The Environment:

Consider if there are any entrances or exits near to the staircase or if banister rails are fitted. Also think about any radiators that may be situated near the staircase.

• Consider the Design of the House and also the Dimensions:

Make sure that the stairlift can continue beyond the top and bottom step of the staircase for ease of use and make sure that it will not cause an obstruction of any kind e.g. in front of a door or cupboard.

• Controls:

The stairlift will be operated either electrically by wall-mounted controls or manually using remote control buttons.
Chairlifts from Stair Lift Repairs Wrexam are also available which will produce an audible signal to signify when the lift is at the bottom or top of the track. This would be particularly useful in the case of partially sighted or blind users of the chairlift.

• Source of Power

Although chairlifts by Through Floor Lifts Wrexham are powered by electricity most also have a backup battery that would come into effect in the case of power cuts.

• Other Stair Users and Members of the Household:

What about children, elderly visitors and pets?
Will other people in the house be able to use the stairs easily even if the chairlift is not in use and the seat is folded up?

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Stairlifts Wrexham.

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Stairlifts Wrexham

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