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Types of Stairlifts Available In The UK

The type of stairlift that you will need will be dependent on the staircase on which the lift is to be fitted. The following looks at the types of stairlifts available:

Many makes and models of stairlifts.

Straight Stairlifts.

It all depends on the type of staircase that the lift is to be fitted onto - if there is no bend and the stairs go from top to bottom in a straight line then you require a straight stairlift. The rail on which the stairs operate is straight - often these cost less than a curved and can be fitted quicker.

Straight Stairlifts. Quick install - next day

All makes and models

Low prices

Slim compact designs

Latest technology

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Curved Stairlifts.

A curved stairlift is needed when there is a bend or curve at an end point along the staircase. Often this is at the bottom from a hallway, in the middle or at the top when the stairs curve onto a landing. With curved stairlifts the rail is custom made to the shape of the staircase.

Curved Stairlifts Types. Needed if bend or curve

Rail is custom made

Space saving models

Available for all curved stairs

Quick installed - within 1 week

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