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For elderly people, or for those with reduced mobility, installing a stairlift in the home can greatly increase independence and  improve life quality. Thinking about the following points might help you to decide if  a chairlift could make a difference in your life.

- Your mobility.  Are you able to get yourself onto and off of  the  seat of the stairlift, fasten the safety belts, and operate the controls?

- Your weight. As long as you weigh less than 30-stone (190-kg) there are  lifts that are suitable for you.

- Your house. If you live in rented accommodation, or own a flat where the stairs are shared, you will need to get your landlord's or your fellow flat owner's written consent for the installation.

-Your staircase. Stairlifts Yeovil can be fitted to almost all stairs, whether they are straight, or with curves or landings. If your stairs are less than 24-inches-wide (62-cm) you might want to consider a standing or perching lift.

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There are lots of different stairlifts available to suit all stair formations.

Straight stairs. Lifts for straight stairs are the most economical as they are the easiest to install.  If you simply need to get up one flight of straight stairs ask us for a quote, you may well be surprised by the accessible price.

Curved stairs. If your staircase has a turn in it you will need a curved stairlift. If you need to get up more than one flight or along a landing you will also probably need a lift for curved stairs. We will be happy to recommend a reputable company to assess and design a chairlift solution for your home without charge or obligation.

Outside stairs. Weatherproof chairlifts in Yeovil are available for outdoor situations.

Available in a variety of designs!
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Stairlifts Yeovil.

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Common questions and answers:

Choosing a seated or a standing chairlift will depend upon your physical capabilities and sometimes on the space available.

Seated lifts. These are generally safer and more convenient as you can carry a stick or a bag up with you. If you use a wheelchair or a walking frame you will need to have  one at the bottom and another one at the top as you will not be able to bring it up with you. Some lifts have seats that swivel around and lock into place to make getting on and off easier. Before deciding on a seat make sure that you try it out and that it is comfortable for you. When the lift is not in use the seat can be lifted up out of the way. Seated lifts have a platform for your feet to rest on. This also folds up to give more room when not being used and in some models of stairlift the footrest raises automatically.

Standing lifts. These require more headroom, but they can be fitted in narrow stairs. You should not consider a standing, or perching lift –where you lean against a pad, if you have dizzy turns. They are great however if you have trouble with bending your knees to sit down.

Getting a stairlift installed is a major decision and one that will make your life easier, less painful and with a lower risk of a slip or fall on the stairs. Both you and your family will benefit from the peace of mind and security that a stairlifts Yeovil can offer. So call us for a quote today and soon you will be enjoying the benefits of being able to access the whole of your home with ease and safety.

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