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Installing a stairlift is not a new concept. People across the globe have been using stairlifts for years, but it's only recently that Stairlifts have become an acceptable and every-day piece of equipment in the home - mainly due to recent technological advances lowering the running costs and making stairlifts an attractive and stylish - and often essential - addition to the home.

The stair-lift has been developed into a valuable asset to homes, especially those with senior citizens. These days, most varieties of stairlifts are reasonably priced. One can choose a style, colour and model as per ones specific requirements and budget.

Stairlifts are also available with moving armrests. This works as an added advantage for users. The armrests facilitate users to board and leave the chairlift easily. A foot rest also comes in handy with this device. It helps users keep their feet firm and avoid hanging while moving. The models available these days have adjustable seats and footrests. One can modify these according to the height and other requirements of users.

Many people are concerned about safety when installing stairlifts. The models available these days have security belts to fasten the user to the chair firmly. This guarantees safety while moving the stairlift up and down the staircase.

Before investing in a stairlift, you can go for a no obligation quote from Stairlifts Hastings. One of our representatives will visit your home and survey the staircase. Only when all your questions and concerns have been addressed to your satisfaction will our representitive suggest the best options for you.

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Common questions and answers:

"Will the stairlift occupy the majority of my stairs? How will other occupants of the house get past it? "The stairlifts available these days are slim in design and foldable. You can fold away the chair and footrest when the stairlift is not in use. When folded the stairlift will occupy only around 300-350mm (depending on the model you use). Now, this allows for adequate space for people to move up and down the stairs.

"What is the exact time of delivery for stairlifts? "The precise delivery time will depend on the model chosen. The time may vary from twenty four hours to fourteen days for straight stairs. Curved stairlift delivery may take up to six weeks.

"I'm worried about the mess and inconvenience during the installation. "The trained professionals at Stairlifts Hastings will ensure quick installation. They will engage in pre-installation checks and make preparations ahead of time. The task is undertaken by experts with minimal disruption and inconvenience. The entire process will take only 1-2 hours for straight stairlifts. For curved stairlifts, the installation may take a little longer. In case of urgency, you can inform our company representatives. Arrangements can be made accordingly.

"My stairlift was fitted by another company. Do you look after maintenance on these lifts? "Yes. In fact we receive numerous calls of this nature from clients who are not satisfied with their original stairlift installer or are unable to get aftercare support from them and would prefer to have Stairlifts Hastings look after their stairlift maintenance.

"Can I get tax advantages for buying a stairlift? "Yes. However, you should consider consulting with an experienced accountant or tax consultant on tax benefits you may be entitled to. A prescription from a health care practitioner will waive the sales tax.


What points should you be considering when assessing the main features and practicalities of having a stairlift installed?


∞ The first feature to consider is the shape of the stairlift, which will depend on your staircase and whether it is straight or contains any bends, curves or landings.

∞ A straight stairlift would be cheaper to install than a curved one, as this would probably have to be made specifically to measure your staircase. Stairlifts Hastings would be able to advise you on this aspect of the installation.

∞ Once you have established that, the next consideration might be the type of seat and this would depend largely on your degree of mobility. Are you able to bend your knees sufficiently in order to travel in a seated position? A swivel seat is a good idea, as this will assist you in getting on and off the seat.

∞ Are you dexterous enough to operate a remote control? If not a joystick, situated on the arm of the seat, might be best.

∞ You need not worry about scheduling a week or two for installation, as this would normally take no longer than a day, perhaps less.

∞ There is no need to worry about any extra alterations or building work as the stairlift rail fits onto the staircase and not onto the wall. There will therefore be no need to replace any wallpaper or repaint any areas of the walls.

∞ If you have a fitted carpet this need not be removed. The rail for the stairlift will fit over the top of the carpet.

∞ Stairlift chairs come in an assortment of colours so that you should be able to choose one that blends in with your décor.

If the above information doesn't answer all your questions please don't hesitate to call us on 0800 0096 858, when our professional staff will be pleased to help you and also provide a free quotation with no obligation whatsoever, or simply fill in the form on the right.

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