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Stairlifts Durham

Stairlifts are an excellent idea for individuals that struggle with mobility. Enjoying your home and your independence can sometimes be extremely difficult especially when you can’t easily walk up and down your stairs. Rather than having to change homes or submit to living on one floor of your home a stair lift can be incorporated into your existing home design and easily get you up your stairs to continue enjoying your independence.

Benefits of stairlifts from Stairlifts Durham:

Easy to use: Anyone can use a stairlft even those who are confined to wheelchairs. With ramp systems, remote controls and locking belts it is easy to get into the chair lift seat and then control the function for going up and down.

Safety: All chair lifts from Stairlifts Durham come complete with battery backups meaning that you can easily use your stairs in an emergency situation or times at which your power has gone out. Chair lifts are built and integrated into your home design and there are even chair lifts available for larger individuals struggling with obesity and more. Locking arms and seatbelts as well as safety controls on the remotes make it easy to engage or disengage the lift in the event of an emergency as well.

Integrated space saving design: The space saving design as well as the integrated stairlift design will add the stairlift from Stairlifts Durham to your stairs while allowing you to fold away the chair lift when it is not in use. This means that anyone can enjoy full access to your stairs without feeling impeded by the lift.

Enjoying your whole home again: Use a stair lift with confidence and enjoy your whole home again.

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Stairlifts Durham.

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Why buy a stairlift?:

Mobility issues

Elder residents

In the event of an accident for recovery purposes

If you are struggling with weight or lung health issues

And more.

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Stairlifts Durham

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