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Stairlifts Curved & Straight

If you are looking to have curved or straight or even outdoor stairlifts installed then we can help you. We work with all the leading suppliers across the UK and are able to help you get the best stairlift prices, receive different brochures and arrange a free home survey from the best reputable companies, offering discounted prices!

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You are most likely trying to find out prices (and the best deals!) and see how much it will cost to have a stairlift supplied and fitted in your home - with our network covering all areas of the UK we are confident that we can help you get the best deal possible - complete our online form or call us now.

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There are many different models and designs of stairlifts available - and depending on the staircase in which they are to be fitted will determine the best one for you. The two main types of staircases are straight and curved - a straight staircase goes from the hall to the top without turning to the right or left, at either the bottom or top. A curved staircase bends from either the hall onto the straight part of the stairs or at the bottom around onto a landing.

Curved and straight stairlifts.

Which type of stairlift do we need?

The prices can be effected by the types of stairs (straight and curved), amount of steps (more steps is 'longer'), which you would like (brand new or reconditioned) and other fitting and installation requirements.

To give you an idea of how much it will cost select above which stairlifts you require and we can provide you with an approximation price to give you a 'rough idea'. What we can also do is help you find a local specialist and company in your area - from Weymouth to Sunderland - who can give you a more accurate price and through this website is free of charge with no obligation.

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Which type of Stairlift do we need?

Before you start looking for prices you need to find out which type you need, as they greatly differ in price. If your stairs 'curve' or 'turn' either at the bottom, half way up or at the top of the stairs then you need curved stairlifts. If there is no curve then you require a straight stairlift.

Types of stairs and different stairlifts.

There is then the option of a brand new or reconditoned stair lift, again effecting the price. A brand new lift is manufactured and installed in your home 'out of the box' and a reconditoned lift has been used before, but fully tested and checked to a 'like new' condition.

Are you a friend or relative?

Have you been given the task of sorting out the stairlift? - maybe you are are browsing the internet to find a company to help out a friend or relative? - as you may have found stairlifts can be a little more complex than just placing an order and you'll want to make sure you get the best type at the best possible price. We can help you and provide all the information you need to pass back onto your friend or relative. We don't need any personal details of the friend or relative and are happy to meet you at a convenient day and time, to measure up and provide an accurate price..

Why should we have a lift installed?

Having a lift installed will be one of the best decision you make - if you are strugglying to get up and down then the hassle is completely removed! Finding it difficult is common and many people put off having one installed and carry on risking the stairs everyday. With a lift you can enjoy the full freedom of your home and save your health - contact us today for a brochure or free quotation.

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Through floor home lift.
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